We offer strategic planning, creative thinking and marketing strategy to companies looking to stay at the front of the field in their industry sector.

We started working together in 2005. The late-forties Creative Director returning to Cornwall after twenty years of high-profile international advertising and the twenty-something marketing protege with a natural feel for the coming world of digital marketing. The Mad Man and the Maven. The odd couple.

Within a year we were providing ‘Relationship Marketing’ to our clients almost before the term had been coined. We mixed number crunching with ideas; the power of the spreadsheet with the creative opportunity’s inherent in a blank sheet of paper.

Fifteen years later, that mix of data and insight still typifies how we work. For an award-winning creative, Minchin is a strong advocate of research and analysis. For a process driven analyst, Grimshaw loves the big idea.

For our clients it is the best of all possible worlds and our mix of intuition, experience and analysis has proved to be a business-changing combination that has generated results that have been beyond expectation..

Our clients are typically established companies with turnover ranging from £5–25 million – both partners have worked for FTSE100 companies –  and we work with smaller companies where we have a good fit.

We have experience in both the B2C and B2B sector and across a variety of industries.

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Aren Grimshaw

Management & Analysis

I naturally think in systems and processes. It is through this systematic approach that I develop standards of work that can be reused and improve at every iteration.

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Simon Minchin Book Launch - featured image

Simon Minchin

Strategy & Creative

I bring years of experience working at the top of the international advertising industry at board level as a Creative Director.

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