The challenges your business faces are not the ones it was established to overcome.

Your business operates in an environment where social media in all its many forms encourages you to get closer to your customers. At the same time, those customers are empowered to examine and interact with your business in a variety of ways.

8To lead conversations towards the achievement of business outcomes requires understanding from a technological point of view & a human one.

Both media & message are important.

Minchin & Grimshaw are a consultancy focusing on clients who wish to stay ahead of the competition and take a commanding position in the marketplace.

Our partnership anchors social media and digital marketing to a 30-year long experience in brand building, strategic planning and creative execution.

We work to understand the business goals of our clients & the desires and motivations of their customers.

For us, every client relationship begins with a process of research & analysis. We need to understand your business and the unique conditions and environment it operates in. We like to ask ‘Why?’ before we even consider looking at ‘How?’

The world changes every day and that rate of change is on the increase. It is neither the strongest nor the most intelligent who will survive and prosper, it is the one that is most adaptable to change.

We can deliver an integrated range of strategically focused solutions that will allow you to adapt to the present business climate & prosper in it.

In many ways, the most important thing about Minchin & Grimshaw is the ‘&’.

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