Some of the tools we use

Brand definition and management

Decision making about messaging and channels becomes easier and less subjective when we have established a clear understanding of what a client’s brand stands for; its attributes and values.

A strong brand positioning lets your business stand out from the competition and attract the customers it’s most likely to do business with. It is the cornerstone of all other work.

Strategic planning and data analysis

We use knowledge, information and data of all kinds and from all sources to draw an accurate picture of a client business and how it is seen by and interacts with the market.

Data gives us answers to the questions we need to ask to plan an effective strategy and implement it. Data takes the guesswork out of planning.

Advertising concepts, copy, design and content

We work with our client’s in-house teams or partner with their preferred designers to bring strategic thinking to life in the form of digital and traditional advertising, website redesigns and other marketing materials.

We write articles and blogs for our clients that reflect the brand positioning and we are also often involved in writing for internal comms.

Project management and Change management

Applying the principles of Agile software development to various management processes in order to facilitate change and steer projects through to successful outcomes.

Almost every brief will break down into a series of distinct areas and tasks from which we identify the key deliverables and milestones and manage the process to produce the right results.

“Looking good is one thing, seeing a return on our investment is another and although it’s difficult to pick out any one single element of our marketing activity that has been a game changer, it’s evident that since taking Minchin and Grimshaw on we have gone from treading water to annual growth and renewed positivity within the business.”


Jamie Adams, Managing Director of Golden Coast

Some of the things we are thinking