Aren Grimshaw

I love a challenge. Whether it be leading a project to deliver a three-day Conference in Budapest for 250 sales professionals, steering a fintech company’s programmatic marketing approach to lower their customer acquisition cost or repositioning a web development company to attract larger, more lucrative contracts.

Bring me a challenge; more importantly bring me the outcome you want to achieve, and I’m at my happiest.

I take an Agile approach to complex projects and so my focus will always be on your desired business outcomes first and foremost.

Almost every brief will break down into a series of distinct areas and tasks from which I can comfortably identify the key deliverables and milestones and manage the process to produce the right results on time and within budget.

I naturally think in systems and processes.

It is through a systematic approach that I develop standards of work that can be reused and improved at each iteration. I work to build a series of processes that can continue after the first sprint to build something that will provide lasting value for a client’s business.

I am informed by comprehensive data analysis.

I enjoy the insights that data brings, whether that comes in the form of behaviour or sales figures. Information is the power to understand past performance and provide future growth.

Over the years my work has become increasingly change and project management focused.

It is often easier to have the idea, even to bring it into being, but taking everyone along with you takes time and effort – skills that only experience can teach you.

I have mixed working on site within a company’s head office with working remotely, directing cross-functional teams and/or sub-contractors to deliver projects on a hybrid remote/on-site basis.

Aren Grimshaw

Change management. Data analysis. Strategic planning. Project management. Agile practitioner.