What we do

How can we help you?

What we do is rather dependant on who we do it for, and what they want to achieve.

Many clients come to us looking for knowledge and input on their social media strategy but, as social media has come to sit at the heart of many organisations’ brand communication, so a brand strategy often has to sit at the heart of an informed social media program.

The digital space, where we work predominantly but not exclusively, connects and integrates a business’s aims, ambitions and activities with its customers and clients, as well as its management and staff.

This makes it vital that the brand is clearly and simply defined.

Analysis, Consultancy & Strategy

A business will always benefit from fresh thinking and an external perspective, however those insights need to be informed by the knowledge and experience that resides within the company, and a thorough understanding of the market that it operates in.

The word ‘consultant’ comes from the Latin ‘consultare’ meaning ‘to discuss’. Working closely with our clients, we get the conversation started and help develop the ideas that drive success.

From research, analysis and discussion comes a strategy; one that is focussed on business aims, as well as being realistic and achievable with the resources available.

Social Media Training & Coaching

Making the most of those resources is not just about spending money wisely.

Social media is about people sharing information, opinions and ideas, so all the people who make up a business need to understand how and why to use the platforms and applications that make up the social media world.

The old maxim that everyone who works in a company is involved in marketing that company has become a very real and powerful truth.

Content Strategy & Communications

The customers and clients that a business wants to attract or retain are constantly searching the web for words, images and videos. Providing content that is relevant and useful to them is one of the best ways a business has of attracting their attention, gaining their interest, and getting them to engage with the business.

By planning the content and communications strategically across all relevant channels, specific business objectives can be supported; fragmentation or confusion of the brand values is avoided.

So, in broad terms that is what we do.

We also get involved with content production and have been involved in presentations & speaking on topics ranging from ‘How to Manage Creativity’ to ‘An Introduction to Social Media’,

What we do is rather dependant on who we do it for, so what could we do for you?