Case Study: Fifteen Cornwall

Fifteen Cornwall is a restaurant overlooking the beach at Watergate Bay on the north coast of Cornwall. The restaurant offers a unique blend of exceptional food, dedicated service and an inspiring commitment to make a difference in young people’s lives. All the profits from Fifteen Cornwall go to its registered charity, Cornwall Food Foundation and together they manage an award-winning Apprentice Programme.

Social Media Audit & Data Analysis

Fifteen Cornwall initially engaged Minchin & Grimshaw to carry out a detailed Social Media Audit and present a series of recommendations for how the restaurant may build on its success and improve results.

The audit drew on statistical data recorded within systems such as Google Analytics, Twitter Analytics & Facebook Insights over a number of years, allowing our researchers to identify patterns in reach, engagement and activity. This data was combined with the results of a comprehensive market research study into the attitudes to, and awareness of, Fifteen Cornwall within the local market conducted by leading research firm, PFA Research.

The audit revealed, among other things, that there was an opportunity for Fifteen Cornwall to trial a targeted, local Facebook Advertising Campaign aimed at building awareness of a seasonal offer, with the intention of driving new customers to book a table during the offer period (1st – 27th November 2015).

Facebook Advertising Campaign


An example of one of the adverts used within the campaign.

Working with the team at Fifteen Cornwall we identified a typical customer journey from initial awareness of an offer, through to a successful restaurant booking. This understanding was translated into Campaign Objectives and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), allowing for appropriate tracking to be introduced at each stage of the journey.

The offer selected for the Facebook Advertising Campaign trial was the Autumn Lunch Offer – a 3-course lunch for £24, running from Monday-Saturday each week throughout November. As an annual offer, run for the past nine years, it provided a perfect opportunity to measure the impact of Facebook Advertising, providing easy comparison against previous years.

A number of audience profiles were identified for targeting, drawing on previous research carried out, and the recent audit and recommendations. These audiences included a mixture of those who had a previous relationship with the restaurant, through to those who had no prior engagement, making use of Facebook Custom Audiences and Remarketing.

To allow for detailed analysis of performance within each audience segment, audiences were created and added to individual Advert Sets, utilising Facebook’s three-tier Campaign structure. Advert creative was kept consistent across each Advert Set, with the overall Campaign Objective of Website Conversions used. This allowed advertising display to be optimized towards those most likely to convert to a restaurant booking.

Google Campaign Tracking and Goal Conversions were used alongside Facebook native reporting to allow for detailed analysis and validation of results. Detailed A/B style testing was carried out as part of the process, providing insight into the effect of a number of variables on the take-up of the Campaign.

The media budget was set at £400 for the whole four-week Campaign, this was split evenly across seven different audience segments.

The Results

As a result of the Campaign, Fifteen Cornwall reached a total of 22,127 separate individuals within 45 minutes travelling time of the restaurant. Each individual saw between 4 and 5 adverts throughout the month, resulting in over 105,000 impressions.

The Campaign drove 1,052 people to visit the website for more information, with roughly 84% of those visitors new to the site. Through Facebook Conversion Tracking we were able to identify 49 individual restaurant bookings taking place within one day of viewing an advert, or within 28 days following a click through on the adverts. (Bookings were recorded only where card details were entered and verified as part of the standard restaurant booking procedure, multiple guests would be included on each booking.)

Comparing take up of the Autumn Offer with previous years, restaurant lunch covers were found to be up just over 93% year on year, giving the restaurant one of its busiest Novembers in recent years.

Although not an objective of the Campaign, engagement with Fifteen Cornwall on Facebook also increased, with 435 Post Likes, 72 Post Comments and 52 Shares recorded against the Adverts alone. Page Likes also increased by 144, providing an increased audience size for future advertising.

Plans are now underway to learn from the trial and build on that success within future Facebook Advertising Campaigns for 2016.

Client Testimonial

“We have been really pleased with the results of this Autumn offer. Part of our digital strategy this year was to focus more on social media campaigns and Minchin & Grimshaw brilliantly responded to our brief.”

“The level of support, detailed analysis, research and reporting provided by Aren and his team was fantastic and in the current marketing climate where advertising budgets are scrutinised for their return on investment, we have been fully justified in our decision to test social media as an advertising platform.”

“Looking ahead for 2016, Facebook advertising and receiving expert consultancy from Minchin & Grimshaw will continue to play an integral part in our digital campaign planning and tactical execution.”

Claire Vickers, Head of Marketing at Fifteen Cornwall.

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