Facebook Dynamic Advertising for Ecommerce

As an ecommerce store owner you’re looking to drive the greatest return for every pound you spend on marketing. Your success relies on attracting the right type of traffic to your website, driving repeat visits and sales, as well as maximising conversion rates at each stage of the customer journey.

If you’re like most ecommerce store owners, you probably dedicate a proportion of your advertising budget towards remarketing activity – ads designed to retarget your recent visitors or abandoned carts with messages designed to bring them back onto your site in order to complete a purchase.

Introducing Facebook Dynamic Product Advertising

Like most online advertising platforms, Facebook offers a range of remarketing opportunities for ecommerce stores. These include basic remarketing options such as audience building from recent website visitors, right through to more complex remarketing options like Dynamic Product Advertising (DPA).

Dynamic Product Advertising not only allows you to retarget recent visitors to your ecommerce store with products or services that they viewed, but also to cross-sell or up-sell other products or services that might appeal to them. Utilising product sets, budgets and bids can be set to match the margins or sales values within those sets – or to target those visiting one product set with associated products or services likely to be of interest.

Getting Started with Facebook Dynamic Product Advertising

In order to get started with Facebook Dynamic Product Advertising you’ll need to create a product catalogue, sometimes called a product feed, containing a list of the products that you would like to advertise on Facebook. In each case you’ll need to include specific attributes of those products which can be used in adverts. Typical attributes will include product names, descriptions, landing page URLs, images and availability. (If you already have a Google Product Feed it’s likely that this feed can be used or easily adapted for this purpose.)

DPAYou’ll also need to ensure that the Facebook Custom Audience Pixel and Standard Events are properly installed on your website. These will help Facebook identify when product IDs from your catalogue are being viewed, added to basket and/or purchased. This information is essential if you are to retarget those users with appropriate products based on their viewing or purchasing history. (Even if you’re not considering Dynamic Product Advertising, full pixel installation is fundamental to understanding the results of your Facebook advertising).

Once your product catalogue and pixel are in place you’re ready to go ahead and create your first dynamic template. This dynamic products advert template can be automatically filled with the right products, pulling in the relevant images, product names, prices and other details, dynamically from your product catalogue.

Your adverts can include both single product ads or multiple product (Carousel) adverts. These ads can appear within the Facebook News Feed on mobiles or desktops, as well as the Right Column. With just the one template, you can deliver those adverts on any device – mobile, tablets and desktop. Through the Facebook Conversion Tracking you can attribute those sales to your advertising whatever device they finally convert on.

How Effective is Facebook Dynamic Product Advertising?

We have been running Dynamic Product Advertising on behalf of St Austell Brewery for the past 6 months to drive sales via the St Austell Brewery ecommerce store. In that time, we have seen return on investment levels averaging £13 per each pound spent on advertising, rising to around £20 per pound spent during peak times of sales activity.

If you would like to discuss how your ecommerce business could make use of Facebook Dynamic Product Advertising to maximise ecommerce sales please get in touch with us by filling out the contact form below, or call Aren on 07598 242212.

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