Why would you hire an agency if you want to advertise on social media?

Surely one of the biggest attractions of social media is that it is a do-it-yourself kind of thing, or at the very least, do-it-in-house – yet organisations still turn to agencies to manage their advertising. Why?

You would expect there to be some good reasons for this, and there are.

The thing is, advertising has always been a craft. By that, I mean that it’s part art and part science. It calls for both analysis and insights. Effective advertising comes from an understanding of both data and people.

In combining those skills, a specialist agency can offer one of the most cost-effective routes to advertise your business and generate measurable results for your organisation.

In this post we outline some of the key reasons you might be better off engaging an agency to manage the load.

We put the time in so you don’t have to.

You might think that the business environment you operate in changes quickly but these days the social media landscape changes in the blink of an eye.

Not all changes are going to be relevant but being an early adopter to the right innovation or trend can put you ahead of the competition, and isn’t that what this whole process is about?

As a specialist agency, we get the news first. The social media networks make sure that we know what new tools and options they are launching but we also keep our finger on the pulse of the industry.

We read thousands of updates, sift through hundreds of blog posts, watch hours of webinars and review countless whitepapers and reports to identify what is working, and perhaps more importantly, what’s not.

Our job is to consider the effect of call to action buttons on click through rates and how Canvas ads might help improve the cost per acquisition. That leaves you to get on with what you do best, running your business.

The first thing we do is analyse your business.

15We won’t show you ink blots or ask about your dreams, but we will ask you about specific business goals and look in great detail at your existing social media activity. The science of data analysis shows us the demographics of your audience, the organic reach of your posts and how people engage with them. At the same time, there is an art to understanding the tone of voice that appears to be working best and what sort of image you are projecting with the pictures and videos that you choose to share and promote.

There’s good reason for this analysis.

A quick on-line search will bring up for you a host of best practices and top tips to follow. You probably even get some in your own Facebook newsfeed.

The problem with so much of this advice however, is that it is an ‘average’. They’ve taken a whole lot of data that covers different industries, audiences and outcomes; smoothed out all the lumps and bumps and given a recommendation.

And the problem with that one-size-fits-all advice is that your business, just like everyone else’s, is unique.

To achieve your specific business goals, we need to provide you with social advertising campaigns that are truly specific to your business.

A social media marketing agency also acts as a research agency.

“I know that half my advertising budget is wasted. Sadly, I don’t know which half”, is one of the industries most famous quotes and it is over 100 years old.

Social media advertising, when it’s properly planned and executed, can give you an answer to that question and it can shorten the feedback loop to a point where a campaign can be adjusted in mid flow.

Our experience gives us the ability to quickly identify opportunities or developing issues with a particular ad set or piece of creative. Using that understanding we monitor performance and adjust where necessary to improve that performance.

Equally importantly, we take into account how an ad platform reports results and we build any campaigns, audiences, advert sets and creative in such a way that we can see and act on information as it comes through.

We use enterprise and agency level software to monitor those metrics 24 hours a day during the length of any campaign.

Is it only the numbers that generate results?

18A lot of the focus on social advertising is on the tools and technology that deliver a piece of creative to the right person, on the right platform and device at the right time.

But after all that has happened, that advert still has to attract the person’s attention, grab their interest and motivate them to an action. At the end of the day, it comes down to words and images that work together to create an idea that promotes your business and leads towards a sale.

There is still no software that can do that. Instead, within our team, we have decades of experience in creating powerful and effective advertising.

Results that have real value.

We don’t believe that our clients should rely on a hunch that advertising is working.

‘There were a few more calls this month’ or ‘The place has seemed a bit busier recently’.

We really don’t believe that ‘likes’ or even ‘shares’ are going to grow your bottom line.

We use conversion tracking and other techniques to reveal a measurable return on investment, and if you take a look at the Case Studies on our website you’ll see that we like to quantify that in money terms.

So, if you’d like to be one of the organisations benefitting from a 78% lower cost per click (CPC), double the number of restaurant covers, a £7.76 return on every pound spent on advertising, or a 30% year on year increase in your business, why not get in touch? You can message us on Facebook, email me on aren@arengrimshaw.co.uk or use the contact form here.


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