Brewery’s Online Sales Boosted by Facebook Advertising

St Austell Brewery has seen a 774% return on investment from Facebook advertising trials over the Christmas period, with the help of Cornwall based marketing consultancy, Minchin & Grimshaw.

Having launched a new ecommerce store in the run up to Christmas, St Austell Brewery were keen to drive online sales and reach new audiences, selecting Facebook advertising as a key platform to trial.

Proper-Job-Christmas-Advertising-St-Austell-BreweryTraditionally a busy period for online retailers, St Austell Brewery were keen to maximize on the seasonal opportunity, driving both gift and beverage sales to UK customers. Supported by free delivery across the UK, it was hoped that the brand’s national fan base would look to the brewery for their alcohol supplies during the party season.

At an advertising cost of just over £1,000, the campaigns reached an audience of more than 140,000 people who had either shown previous interest in the brewery or its brands, as well as those with more general interests associated to beers and ale.

The advertising trial, managed by Minchin & Grimshaw, helped generate nearly £9,000 of sales leading up to Christmas, with Facebook traffic accounting for more than a quarter of all site visits during the period – 80% of those sessions from first time visitors to the site.

St Austell Brewery’s Direct Marketing Manager, Neil Simpkin said, “It’s always nice to see a healthy return on a marketing investment, but to have this sort of RoI on a campaign that ran at the most competitive time of the year is particularly impressive.”

“Looking forward, the possibilities that we are seeing for remarketing, building local awareness for the estate properties and growing a loyal and engaged audience for the St Austell Breweries brand are very exciting.”

The decision to launch a Facebook advertising trial in the lead up to Christmas followed an audit of the brewery’s social media activity across a range of platforms.

The audit identified there was an opportunity to drive online sales through paid advertising campaigns across social channels, with Facebook providing the best option for return on investment.

Minchin & Grimshaw, Managing Director, Aren Grimshaw said, “Facebook Advertising, with it’s detailed reporting and conversion tracking, provides a natural fit for online retailers who need to demonstrate the cash return of their advertising efforts. We are delighted with the results of the trial campaign and work has already begun to understand what can be learnt from the trial in order to run further, improved campaigns during 2016.”

You can read a full case study of Minchin & Grimshaw’s work with St Austell Brewery here.


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