Aren Grimshaw

Managing Director

I’m fascinated by how a company or organisation can change its fortunes and even undergo a transformation by looking at a challenge in a different way and by behaving in different ways.

I find people more interesting than platforms and applications and I think ‘why’ is a better question than ‘how’.

With a broad experience in sales, marketing, media and public relations roles, spanning more than ten years in a variety of business environments. I now work with organisations of all sizes to leverage the greatest value from integrating Social Media into their marketing strategy.

Whether I am engaged in a training role, as a consultant or a strategist it’s always apparent to me that people, plans and practices have to work together in order to produce the greatest benefit.

Working with a UK based tech company, the strategy I produced on their behalf increased new business enquiries through social networks by 500% and the average order value by 100%, leading to a 500% increase in turnover over 4 years.

In running presentations and training courses that have been attended by over two thousand delegates, I have consistently received the highest possible satisfaction scores in feedback surveys.

A regional business title saw its site visits rise from barely 200 a month to over 5,000 visits per month over two years as a result of building a community around their core web site and fostering positive interactions within their community.

As Twestival Regional Coordinator for South West & Wales, I helped the region raise £20,000+ of the UK total of £62,000. (A Twestival or Twitter Festival aims to put social media to use by raising money for social good.)


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