Marketing Consultancy

The word ‘consultant’ is derived from the Latin ‘consultare’ that means ‘to discuss’.

Any business looking for a marketing consultant in Cornwall should know that we would be more than happy to talk about their business with them, to discuss it.

You see, from our perspective, the process of marketing has to start with your business. Yes, we know about ‘best practice’ and the latest trends. We’ve heard all the marketing buzzwords and we even know what most of them mean; but that doesn’t mean that any of that is right for your business.

13The first job of the marketing consultant is to ask questions, not to give answers.

For many businesses in Cornwall, indeed throughout the South West, the job of marketing director falls to the MD or owner of that business. As marketing consultants, we are used to working with that individual, talking the same language and taking as great an interest in the business as they do themselves.

We are as used to looking through the sales figures and the order books as we are to analysing web-traffic data and social media audits. We want to know what a product does and how it does it; what your retail business offers that others don’t or what makes the service that you offer stand out above the crowd.

Only when we know all that can we start to offer some fresh thinking and a new perspective.

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