Marketing Audit

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted. The problem is that I don’t know which half.”

It’s such an apt and memorable quote that most people will have heard it. It’s usually attributed to William Lever, the founder of Unilever. The quote comes from the 1900’s, but it’s probably just as true today as it was then.

We are asked to run a Marketing Audit by businesses for a number of reasons.

For some it will be as a ‘health check’ on an on-going strategy and activity. In some cases it will be the first phase in defining a new marketing plan and for others it will be to find the cause of a specific problem.

In each and every case, we approach the task with open minds and gather as much data and analysis as we possibly can.

Almost all digital marketing activity can be tracked and analysed. Google Analytics can show in great detail how your websites are being used and visited and how well they are performing. Social marketing can be analysed for frequency, reach and yield as well as what sort of people make up your community or audience and how well you engage with them. Email campaigns can be examined for effectiveness.

15When these findings are combined with enquiry levels and sales data, even William Lever would begin to see where he was making money and where he was wasting it.

Of course, marketing is about more than numbers and statistics.

Our audits also look at the messages a business sends out as well as the channels it uses to send them. Using the wrong words, the wrong pictures, can be just as wasteful of marketing resource. In fact, sending out the wrong image of your business to the people you are trying to persuade can be even more damaging than not talking to them at all.

Every business of whatever size has a finite marketing budget. A Marketing Audit is really essential to ensure that you are using that resource as efficiently and effectively as possible.

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