Data Analysis

We live in the time of ‘Big Data’. But the question is, why?

Web traffic statistics. Sales data. CRM data. Financial figures and marketing numbers. Businesses amass a huge amount of data from a dizzying number of sources.

Somewhere, buried in all that data are some truths about your business with the potential to add directly to the bottom line. The only problem is, how do you dig down through all those the figures and find out what they are?

We have a broad experience in Data Analysis as we believe this is very often the place to start when beginning to write a Marketing Strategy or plan a marketing campaign.

Clients have trusted us with all of their financial and sales figures, and we have analysed them from a marketing perspective in order to find product categories, geographical areas or customer groups where turnover and margin might be increased.

1Businesses have given us access to all their Social Media accounts and web traffic analytics, and we have studied them to see how these properties account for themselves in terms of ROI.

Of course, sometimes the data simply isn’t there. One of our clients was frustrated by working in an industry where there was little or no available market information. So five years ago we launched the first nationwide survey of that industry and we have collected, collated, analysed and published the results of that survey annually.

Begin to combine these data sets and make connections between them and you start to see ways to get ahead of the competition or out-perform a crowded market.

We have found that how you present data – quite literally, how you look at it – can make a big difference. Turn a spreadsheet into an animated Heatmap and patterns appear that would otherwise have been missed. Plot sales data onto the same graph as a record of Twitter activity and you soon see which tweets have real value to both your audience and your business.

Data is just another word for information, but it’s only with the right information that you can make the right decisions.

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