Marketing in Cornwall

Surely running a marketing agency in Cornwall should be no different from running one anywhere else.

You need to understand your client’s business and you need to be able to put yourself into their customer’s shoes – well, into their heads, really. You need to know about all of the communication channels that can be used to connect the two and make the right decision about which are the most appropriate.

You need to come up with words and images – most importantly, ideas and insights – that will persuade potential customers to take the plunge and existing ones to be more active, more loyal.

We do all that. And in doing that, we have become aware of something else.

Running a marketing company in Cornwall is a bit different from running one somewhere else.

There is a huge range of very different businesses here in Cornwall. From organic soaps to cutting edge software companies, from tourism to e-commerce. There are businesses whose customers only live 30 miles away to those who want to trade with the entire world.

And you have to specialise in being able to deliver the right, specific advice to all of them.

17With Superfast broadband, the Tremough Innovation Centre and a host of public initiatives and private companies, the digital economy in Cornwall is growing at high speed. There is no excuse for any marketing agency not to be at the forefront of social and digital marketing.

Cornwall’s reputation for the very best of food and drink is becoming the toast of the whole country. To be able to capture the flavour of that is a skill that you can’t do without.

And sometimes you just need the confidence to see the bigger picture. That with a little clear thinking, a Cornish manufacturer has the ability to carve out a niche in a highly competitive international industry. That something handmade in Cornwall can take pride of place in one of London’s most iconic retailers.

So yes, running a marketing agency in Cornwall is a little different. It’s more exciting.

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