Case Study: PFA Research

PFA Research delivers market and customer insights to organisations looking to make informed decisions; saving them valuable time and reducing risk.

The company are proven experts in systematically gathering and interpreting public opinion data. They use statistical and analytical techniques to add clarity, providing insights that stand up to public scrutiny.

Optimising for performance, preventing bias

PFA Research came to Minchin & Grimshaw looking for a route to make use of Facebook advertising as a tool to reach and engage potential survey respondents.

Unlike many advertisers who look to optimize their campaigns to achieve the lowest cost per acquisition, PFA Research needed to ensure that campaigns were not skewed by showing ads to those individuals more likely to click through or complete them.

It was also important that representative samples of key market segments could be reached, with the cost per acquisition (successful survey response submitted) known in each case, and the ability to allocate budgets accordingly between them.

Where as many campaigns for clients are informed by past performance, relating to objectives that remain unchanging across multiple campaigns, in PFA Research’s case each campaign is unique – targeting different audience segments, with different surveys and different client needs. This requires a much more agile and collaborative approach to the campaign planning, build and optimization process.

The Results

We have worked on four different research projects to date, targeting both businesses and consumers with surveys on subjects ranging from access to local health services through to levels of business optimism amongst the business community.

In each case we have been able to track the click through rate (CTR) from ad impression to survey, and most importantly the reach and impressions to number of surveys completed. The latter has allowed us to provide a detailed cost per completed survey, broken down as necessary by location (postcode or town) and age band.

Many of the campaigns have targeted individuals within a specific town radius or subdistrict postcode level.

To date the campaigns have reach more than 130,000 unique individuals and been displayed in the news feeds of Facebook users more than a million times. More than 3% of individuals targeted have responded to ads, with more than 1,800 completing surveys at a cost per completed survey of £1.16.

Client Testimonial

“Whilst recruiting for research through Facebook seems like an obvious thing to do, we might have wasted a lot of time and money had we not engaged Minchin & Grimshaw to advise and guide us. With their experience and professionalism, they have been able to action our campaigns efficiently to produce results for us quickly.  Minchin & Grimshaw is a valued and strategic partner.”

Robert Rush, Managing Director, PFA Research.

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