Case Study: Isles of Scilly Travel

The Isles of Scilly Steamship Company Ltd, also known as Isles of Scilly Travel, was formed by the inhabitants of the Isles of Scilly in 1920 to provide regular, cost effective and enjoyable travel between the mainland and the Islands.

Today the company operates the Skybus fleet of planes, and the Scillonian III passenger ferry, providing one of the only means of transport to the Isles of Scilly, 28 miles off the coast of Cornwall.

The company provides day trip visitors and holidaymakers from across the UK and beyond with a taste of Island life, whilst continuing to supply island residents with an easy and frequent service to the mainland.

Facebook Advertising Campaigns

Isles of Scilly Travel engaged Minchin & Grimshaw to run three campaigns during the summer period of 2016, following an extensive audit of their social media approach.

The three summer campaigns needed to not only promote the Skybus and Scillionian ferry as a means of transport to the islands, but as an integral part of the overall experience.

Two campaigns were focused on promoting short breaks and scenic flights over Cornwall, with the third promoting a new local’s offer, offering discounted day trips for those living within the TR postcode.

Working with the Isles of Scilly Travel marketing team we identified a number of key market segments to target, and developed messaging that would appeal to those different market segments.

Audiences targeted during the campaigns included both new audiences, harnessing the power of Facebook’s demographic, behavioural and psychographic targeting, as well as, audiences built from past customers, email subscribers and website visitors.

The Results

In total, the campaigns reached more than 70,000 unique individuals either living in Cornwall, or visiting the area during the period.

The campaigns led to more than 6,000 website visits at a cost per click of just £0.11. The unique click through rate across all campaigns was more than 7%. The locals campaign topped these results with a unique click through rate topping 8% and a cost per click of less than £0.05.

Engagement with the campaigns was significant, with the adverts achieving more than 2,000 likes, 450 comments and 680 shares. The campaigns also saw growth in the number of Page Likes, with 489 new Page Likes attributed to the advertising.

However, most importantly, the advertising led to a significant number of recorded bookings from new customers and existing customers alike. In total the advertising had an impact on more than £35,000 worth of business, with more than £18,000 directly attributable to the advertising campaigns – a return on investment from the campaigns of more than 3,000%.

In fact, the locals’ campaign was so successful that it was halted 15 days into the 60-day campaign as there was no further capacity on the ship to accommodate additional bookings.

Client Testimonial

“We trialed social media advertising for the first time during 2016 as we wanted to add a new tactic / advertising channel into our marketing mix. We wanted to raise the awareness of our services and reach new audiences; following an audit of our social media activity across a range of platforms we decided to launch three campaigns over the summer period.

“I’ve been really pleased with Minchin & Grimshaw’s work, their attention to detail in the audit process lead to three successful campaigns turning business goals into unexpected high levels of ROI. Within 15 days of our of our local’s campaign launching we had to pull the advertising on a 60 day campaign due to selling out on seat capacity and still have a long waiting list! This has proved that our decision to increase our digital activity through social media tactics has been fully justified. We look forward to continuing our program of activity with them into 2017.”

Sharon Sandercock, Marketing & Communications Manager, Isles of Scilly Steamship Group

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