Case Study: Headforwards

Headforwards are a specialist software development outsourcing company who work with clients to create and deliver custom software that brings business value.

They work on a range of software development projects for clients around the globe. Their business model differs to most outsource software companies, as they create dedicated teams for specific projects and never switch members to other project.

In just 5 years Headforwards has grown to a team of 65 software developers, and at the time of writing they are looking for another 42 people to join their team. The company continuously requires a source of enthusiastic and talented people who have a professional outlook and a desire to work on global scale projects of the highest calibre.

Capturing Results

Headforwards came to Minchin & Grimshaw with a view to reaching new potential candidates on Facebook. The company was already making use of a number of digital platforms to engage and attract new potential candidates and they had explored the use of boosted posts as a route to target individuals on Facebook.

Altough their limited efforts had shown some results, they were finding it difficult to properly track and measure the number of successful applications received. They also lacked a robust process to continuously drive new applications from the European region towards the specific roles available at any time.

Our first action for Headforwards was to identify the various conversion points on the website. These included viewing specific roles, viewing the application pages, signing up to newsletters and submitting applications. These conversions were documented and unique codes were specified and installed on the site to enable tracking of these conversions within the Facebook Adverts Manager reporting system.

Identifying a Winning Approach

Working with the team at Headforwards we then ran a series of early trials to identify how different creative messaging, imagery and landing page effected performance. We also ran campaigns with multiple advert sets, targeting different interests, areas of study and nationalities, as well as, data driven audiences for lookalikes of key conversions or data sets.

These early campaigns provided us with key insights that allowed us to optimize campaigns to bring down the cost per successful application as we moved through, and to factor those learnings into future campaigns.

The Results

We have been working with Headforwards since the summer of 2016 on a retained basis. In that time we have helped promote between 5 and 10 different positions at any time.

Our approach has evolved to make use of two core campaigns, one that drives awareness and engagemenet with new audiences, and another that drives consideration and application from those viewing specific roles on the site. This approach helps keep a steady flow of new potential applicants hitting the site, while making use of targeted remarketing to drive applications from those considering roles but failing to put in an application.

To date the 13 advertising campaigns have reached more than one million unique individuals on Facebook and been viewed more than 8 million times. The campaigns have generated more than 7,500 unique clicks through to the site and have prompted more than 75 successful applications – with the average cost per application now coming in at around £30.

Client Testimonial

“Recruiting in the tech sector is hard. There is a global skills gap which has led to there being more job opportunities than people to fill them. This means it is imperative that we are extremely targeted with our
advertising, and that the content we are sharing is engaging and relevant.

Working with Minchin & Grimshaw has really helped reach more potential recruits. They have brought a lot of talent and expertise to our recruitment marketing campaigns, which has delivered tangible results.

It is always a pleasure to work with Minchin & Grimshaw, and I look forward to creating more successful campaigns with them in the future.”

Lyssa-Fee Crump, Marketing Manager, Headforwards

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