Case Study: Countrywide Farmers plc

Countrywide Farmers plc is the UK’s leading retailer in the rural community, with a history and heritage dating back to 1902.

Providing a range of products to make country life better; from dog walking and horse riding, to country clothing, farming essentials, animal medicines and everything you need to enjoy the great outdoors, Countrywide serves its customer base through a network of 69 stores, online shop, catalogue and direct sales team.

Facebook Advertising Support & Management

Countrywide SaleCountrywide Farmers engaged Minchin & Grimshaw to assist its in-house teams in the setup, management, reporting and review of Facebook Advertising over the Christmas and New Year period.

The company was keen to run seasonal offers, both in the run up to Christmas and after, increasing awareness of both the retail store offering and online shop. Offers included discounts on a number of product lines, cutting across a range of departments.

Advertising needed to be highly targeted, targeting specific market segments on the basis of age, interest and psychographic profile, as well as targeting those within a specific radius of any one of the UK stores.

A/B Split Testing

In order to establish what market segments would yield the greatest result we reviewed past advertising campaigns – identifying any segments that have shown strong past performance. This included breaking down performance across a range of campaigns on the basis of age and gender, as well as against a range of advertising objectives.

Countrywide-ABUsing past performance as a basis for A/B Split Testing we were able to establish a series of Campaigns, with multiple Advert Sets, each one targeting a specific audience segment. This allowed for deep analysis of the performance of each audience segment against a control group of the general UK population – identifying where gains in Cost Per Click (CPC), Cost Per Mille (CPM) and in time, Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) can be made.

Alongside the testing of audience segments, a range of different creative were also tested, including the use of different sales messages, graphic imagery and calls to actions (CTAs). This allowed for detailed analysis of how each ad variation affected performance within the audience segments.

Remarketing, Custom Audience Targeting & Lookalikes

In addition to targeting new audiences we set up a range of audience segments that targeted existing customer groups, email subscribers and past website visitors (often referred to as remarketing or retargeting).

The Results

In total we ran four separate Campaigns over the Christmas/New Year period, with 44 separate Advert Sets, and a total of 560 adverts.

Taking all four Campaigns over the period, the advertising reached 183,378 individuals an average of nearly three times each, generating a total of 545,028 ad impressions (displays). The cost per thousand displays (CPM) as an average was just £1.49. The Campaigns generated a total of 5,304 website visits, with more than 80% of that traffic from first time visitors to the website.*

The most successful of the Campaigns were those promoting the Sales – which achieved a cost per website click (CPC) of just £0.04, 78% lower than the company’s average CPC. Despite heavy competition for advertising over the period, which traditionally sees Cost Per Displays (CPMs) rocket, the advertising Campaign also benefited from a CPM more than 30% lower than their advertising account average.

Although not an objective of the Campaign, engagement with Countrywide Farmers’ Page on Facebook also increased as a result of the advertising Campaigns with 338 Post Likes, 30 Comments, 81 Post Shares and 112 new Page Fans as a result of the adverts.

Next Steps

The data collected over the period can now be analyzed in detail to identify what audience segments perform best for a range of different advertising objectives. The performance of different advertising creative can also be reviewed to identify what effect different advertising options might have on future advertising campaigns.

Plans are in place to improve purchase conversion tracking for future campaigns, providing the potential for highly accurate costs per acquisition (CPAs) and conversion values on future campaigns.

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