Reaching Local Customers with Facebook Advertising

Do you want reach people near your place of business? Do you have a shop, salon, café or restaurant that could benefit from additional footfall? Perhaps you already advertise in the local paper but you find it difficult to measure results or to see the benefit?

If you answered yes to one of more of those questions, then Facebook’s Local Awareness advertising is probably for you.

What is it?

Local AwareLocal Awareness adverts are one of a series of advertising options open to businesses looking to promote their business on Facebook. They provide businesses with a route to reach out to an audience within a specified radius of a trading location – offering customers a chance to get in touch with you directly, learn more about your offering, or to find directions.

Take Control

With Local Awareness advertising you specify exactly what audience you want to reach – their location, and perhaps a demographic profile. (For example, ‘woman aged 20-30 within 10-miles’).

You get to specify a budget – you can allocate a daily budget, or spread costs evenly over a period of your own choosing with lifetime budgets.

targetingYou can specify the times and days you would like your adverts to be seen, for example, restricting display to key trading times or opening hours (with lifetime budgets only).

And lastly you can choose where your advert is seen – perhaps restricting display to potential customers on their mobiles, who are currently close to your business, within their newsfeed.

A Call to Action

One of the powerful features of Local Awareness adverts is the ability to include specific calls to action, prompting your potential customer to take one of a series of actions with value to your business. The Call to Action (CTA) options currently available include:

  • Call Now – allows your audience to click and make a call to your business.
  • Learn More –allows your audience to ‘learn more’ about your business by linking them to a page on your website.
  • Get Directions –guides your audience to your business via their mobile phone GPS.
  • Send Message – provides a route for your audience to send your business a direct, private Facebook message.

Get Creative

In each case you get to choose the language and imagery your potential customer will see. You have the ability to try different ads and see which ones convert for your business.

The Facebook system provides you with the tools to crop your picture and create the text that will accompany your advert, as well as any text headlines and descriptions.

See the Results

Nothing is left to guesswork with Local Awareness ads, through the back-end reporting system you can see exactly how many people have viewed your ads, how many times ads have been displayed, and any results such as calls, clicks or messages.

Reporting can be viewed at a campaign level, or can be broken down by a specific ad creative, day or placement.

Local awareness advertising is a great way for your business to connect with potential customers and build awareness at a fraction of the cost of traditional, print advertising.

For more information, or for help and advice in setting up Facebook Advertising for your business please get in touch here.


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