3 Types of Facebook Campaign you never knew existed

Facebook Advertising has come a long way from the days of badly targeted Page Like and Post Engagement Campaigns. We reveal three of the lesser know Facebook Campaign Objectives that could drive new sales in your business.

Website Conversion

The Website Conversion Objective is ideal for businesses offering products or services online – in those cases where the customer has the opportunity to ‘convert’ on your website itself, rather than through an ‘offline’ interaction, such as a phone call or visit.

Conversion AdThe Objective ensures that your adverts are targeted towards those that Facebook has identified as most likely to convert – for example, by purchasing a product, submitting a contact form or signing up to an email newsletter list.

Making use of a snippet of code contained within your websites (the Facebook Pixel), Facebook gathers data on Facebook users clicking through to your website and sends back data on how many people convert, and in cases where a transaction value is available, it reports that information back too.

It is through the Conversion Tracking that you can see exactly how much you have earned in sales, versus what has been spent on advertising – providing an accurate Return On Investment (ROI) for each £1 spent.

For those where no transaction takes place online – contact form submissions, newsletter sign ups, restaurant bookings etc. – you can view the number of those actions taking place and compare against spend, generating a Cost Per Conversion or Cost Per Acquisition (CPA).

Using this Campaign Objective provides the opportunity to test different creative (words, images and calls to action) against different audiences – A/B split testing for the most effective ads, and the best converting audiences.

Local Awareness

The Local Awareness Campaign Objective is ideal for businesses where location is an important factor, for example retail stores, restaurants, cafes, hair & beauty salons, hotels and gyms.

Local AwareThese Campaigns offer geographic targeting of individuals on their mobiles or desktop within a given radius of your location, providing customers with options to call, message or get directions to the location.

Bidding for ads is based on reach, or the number of people shown your ads within a specified radius. Options to filter the audience and target specific segments – i.e. those currently travelling in the location, females 35 – 44 and so on are also available.

As with all Facebook Campaign Objectives, the ad reporting system can provide detailed data on the performance of adverts, with the option to breakdown response by age, gender and placement. Performance can be measured both in terms of the reach (how many people saw your ads) and clicks (how many people pressed the button to get directions, call or message).

Facebook Local Awareness ads are an extremely effective way of putting your business in front of local customers and are often much more cost effective than traditional newspaper advertising.

Lead Generation

Lead GenThe Lead Generation Objective is the newest addition to the Facebook Advertising Campaign Objectives and offers a native way (that is within Facebook) to gain qualified leads for you to follow up.

Appearing much like adverts for the Website Clicks or Local Awareness Objective, Lead Generation Campaigns provide Facebook users with an easy way to request more information, or another form of contact from your business.

This objective particularly suits those where more information needs to be provided prior to a sale, for example, consultants, estate agents, car showrooms and home improvement providers.

In each case the advert features a Call To Action button within the advert that relates to the action you would like your prospect to take. Call To Action options currently include:

• Apply Now
• Download
• Get Quote
• Learn More
• Sign up
• Subscribe

Unlike other Facebook Campaign Objectives, pressing the Call To Action button does not take the user away from Facebook (hence the ‘native’ element) – instead their details, as listed on Facebook, are provided to you for follow up without the need for that user to complete a form, or otherwise enter any new details.

Final Notes

All of these Campaign Objectives are now available to UK based Facebook Advertisers within the Facebook Ads Manager system. In all cases targeting is available on a geographic, demographic and psychographic basis – with bidding based on the Campaign Objective chosen.

We work with a number of clients across a range of sectors to identify the best Facebook Campaign Objectives for their business needs. We offer a free initial consultation to all new clients.

If you think we could help you, please get in touch – send us a message on Facebook, use the contact form provided or call Aren on 07598 242212.

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