Frequent Facebook posting may be causing you to lose out on reach and engagement

I recently came across a report on how frequent Facebook Page Posting can have an impact on reach and engagement.

You may have noticed that your Facebook Page’s reach has been declining. This is in part due to the increasing amount of content being shared everyday by both users and companies.

Without Facebook’s algorithm standing in the way, as an average person, you would see around 1,500 pieces of content in your newsfeed each time you log on, but with it in place you only see around 300 pieces of content.


Because realistically that’s all you have time for, Facebook’s data shows that’s how many posts you actually see. As a result Facebook’s algorithm ranks each post created by your network of friends and the Pages you follow and gives it a score, determining if and when it will show in your News Feed. The more points (previously known as EdgeRank) given to your post the more likely it is that your post will ‘reach’ your audience.

This has led to some companies trying to beat the algorithm, and ensure reach, by posting more often, to get messages in front of more people.


This recent study into Facebook page posting shows that posting more frequently may actually lower the amount of people you reach and lower the post’s engagement – far from the result you were hoping for!

So how many times a day should you post?

Well looking at the data it seems that anywhere between once a week and once a day is the sweet spot for reach and engagement. But of course, if you have nothing interesting to say, it’s probably best to leave it until you do.

What do you think? Have you found your own ways to increase the reach and engagement of your posts? How many times a week do you think you should post?


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